If you’re only getting one app for managing your contacts, the aptly-named Contacts+ might be the best one to choose. Previously called FullContact, the Contact+ app features everything the previous iteration had, and more. Thanks to its cloud-based system, Contacts+ is able to sync with your Gmail, iCloud, and Microsoft Outlook, meaning that all of your contacts will end up in the same place. However, they won’t be cluttered, because the software has some top-notch organization features.

Once you’ve synced all your contacts, you can rely on the app to delete all of the duplicates. Next, sort them into categories, add company information, social media profiles, photos, and more. All of this will make it easier to dig through them. The app can also fill in the information for your contacts with data it finds on the web — this is useful for businesses. A similar app to Contacts+ is Covve, which also helps you fill out your contacts with extra information and organize them into groups.

Contacts+ comes with a free and a paid tier, but you don’t really have to pay for it unless you’re exceptionally popular — a free account can help you manage up to 1,000 contacts. However, if you have multiple accounts, you won’t make the most of the app with the free tier. Paying $9.99/month ($8.33/month if you pay for a year in advance) unlocks the ability to sync multiple accounts and manage 25,000 contacts. Moreover, premium members can scan business cards right into…

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