The coolest feature of the Steam Deck — bar none, if you ask me — is how the portable gaming PC lets you get the absolute most from its AMD RDNA 2 graphics and 40 watt-hour battery. As of the last update, you could lower the screen’s refresh rate to increase your framerate and latency, and you’ve been able to throttle the CPU, GPU and frame limiter since launch. The catch: even if you figured out a great combination that gave you the battery life and/or performance you crave, the Steam Deck wouldn’t save those settings per game.

You’d have to memorize them, and flick the toggles appropriately, every time you switched to a different game. That changes today.

Wednesday’s update now comes with per-game performance settings, letting you flick a single switch in the Quick Access menu to set a custom performance profile for each of your games.

You no longer need to manually set 40/40 every time you launch Elden Ring, if that’s your cup of tea.
Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Flick it off, and you’ll be back to your global system settings, so you can have both a “generally I like my games running at 30fps” setting but also “Elden Ring should run at 40fps with a 40Hz refresh rate” and “Vampire Survivors should run at 10fps and 5 watts because I want to play it for the entirety of this car ride” if you wish.


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