To help bring an end to wrangling with Dutch regulators that stretched over the last several months, today, Apple published a new version of its App Store rules that allow local dating apps to take payments through third-party processors. Until now, its proposals to comply with a December ruling mandating the change had not satisfied the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and earned Apple 50 million euros worth of fines.

Among three key changes, the one that jumps out is Apple giving up on its insistence that any app choosing to use an external payment processor has to create and use a separate binary from its existing app. According to Apple, “This change means that developers may include either entitlement in their existing dating app, but still must limit its use to the app in the Netherlands storefront and on devices running iOS or iPadOS.” It also laid out more specifics on how to evaluate non-Apple payment system providers and examples for the pages apps need to present to customers to inform them they’re about to interact with a non-Apple payment service.

Alternate payment processor sample screen

Image: Apple

The change isn’t coming willingly, though, as Apple’s post for developers still says “we disagree with the ACM’s original order and are appealing it.” In the meantime, Apple will still insist on collecting a 27 percent commission on transactions for…

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