While Warner Bros.’ and Mattel Films’ upcoming Barbie movie is sure to have some level of self-awareness about its main character’s status as a real-world cultural icon, Mattel is taking a firm stance against featuring the iconic doll’s very unofficial anthem that basically everyone knows by heart.

The small tease of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie that Warner Bros. shared this week — a still image of Margot Robbie all dolled up and driving a dream car — singlehandedly put the project at the back front of people’s minds as something they might actually want to see. Partially because of the bright, colorful, “fun” vibes the image gave off, a number of fans began speculating what sorts of music Barbie might feature, and Aqua’s 1997 Hit “Barbie Girl” almost immediately began bubbling up in conversations. Though you could easily imagine Barbie having a bit of a laugh at itself by acknowledging Aqua’s song, Variety reports that people hoping to hear “Barbie Girl” on the soundtrack will be sorely disappointed.

Speaking matter-of-factly about “Barbie Girl,” Lene Nystrøm, manager to Aqua’s lead singer Ulrich Møller-Jørgensen, said “the song will not be used in the movie.” Møller-Jørgensen did not expand on why “Barbie Girl” won’t be in Barbie, but as Variety notes, it could have something to do with the 1997 lawsuit Mattel filed against the band for trademark violation. Along with its claims of copyright infringement, Mattel also…

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