Asus did it. It’s made a dual-screen laptop that — and there was a time when I never thought I’d be saying these words — is actually pretty good.

Asus has been doing this dual-screen form factor for a while, and parts of the $1,999.99-and -up ZenBook Pro Duo 14 OLED are nothing we haven’t seen before. Like previous models in the Duo line, there’s a big 14.5-inch screen on the top and a smaller 12.7-inch screen on the back of the keyboard deck (the ScreenPad Plus). Below that screen is the keyboard (reaching all the way to the front of said deck), with a teensy touchpad crammed to its right.

But the company has made a small tweak that has made the experience significantly more comfortable: it has raised the secondary screen by 12 degrees.

This, reader, has changed everything. You see, last year’s 14-inch Zenbook Duo model only tilted the secondary screen up by seven degrees. The 2020 model was even flatter. In both cases, I was constantly craning my neck to lean over whenever I needed to see anything on the second screen.

The increase to 12 degrees doesn’t look huge…

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