•  Twitter launches Blue subscription service in U.S., offers ad-free access to 300 news sites.
•  U.S. states file updated antitrust complaint against Alphabet’s Google.
•  Walmart is using fully driverless trucks to ramp up its online grocery business.
•  Amazon’s Spinmasters: Behind the Internet Giant’s Battle With the Press.
•  Are you worried about Amazon?
•  A record 4.4 million people quit in September as Great Resignation shows no signs of stopping.
•  Job openings and labor turnover trends for States in 2020.
• Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End.
•  Amazon Relay.
•  Bezos-Backed Real Estate App to Accept Bitcoin as Payment.
•  Golem Network.
•  The Genesis Machine.
•  The EVELO Compass adult electric tricycle is a comfortable, powerful and stable electric trike with a large cargo basket.
•  Wing Bikes are the world’s best electric bicycles.
•  Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website.
•  Europol: Seven REvil/GandCrab ransomware affiliates were arrested in 2021.
•  Judge denies stay in Epic v. Apple.
•  Everyone has questions about Leo’s phones.
•  GitHub Copilot: Your AI pair programmer.
• Apple to Pay $30 Million Over Store Workers’ Security Checks.
•  Facebook says it can’t keep pace with its own Oversight Board.
•  Elon Musk Sells About $5 Billion in Tesla Stock.
•  AMD reveals an Epyc security 50 flaws, Intel has 25.
•  Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are infectious in all the wrong ways.
•  Rivian’s Mega IPO is a Good Test of the Meme Stock Craze.
•  AMC Theatres debuts online Bitcoin payments after months of teasing.
•  Biden’s “historic” $65 billion broadband plan approved by Congress.

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