Govee has carved out an interesting niche in TV bias lights that use a mounted camera to match the lighting to what’s on-screen. With its latest product, the Govee DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light, it brings this formula to desktop computers and gaming monitors.

The DreamView G1 Pro is derived from its larger, TV-sized cousins, but it features a much more streamlined all-in-one camera and wire housing, with a higher asking price of $179 when sales start on May 9th (though it’s likely to get frequent discounts like Govee’s other lights). There’s no separate control box for the wiring, as the 56-inch flexible light strip and two 17-inch light bars plug right into the camera via USB-C, and the whole kit thankfully takes up just one power outlet.

Like the TV bias lights, the camera uses a fisheye lens to view your whole monitor, and it attaches with a claw-like pressure clamp and some 3M adhesive. You do have to be…

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