The Halo TV series’ season finale premiered yesterday, bringing the first season to an interesting if incomplete end. With a full season in the tank, I’m finally able to fully judge the show as a complete entity, and I gotta say: it’s complicated.

The Halo TV series is complicated like a toxic hook-up is complicated. Is this person bad for you? Yes. Is the sex great? Meh. But are you intrigued just enough to keep them around to see where it goes? Absolutely.

Despite the fact that I don’t really feel Halo is either a good season of television or a good exploration of the Halo canon, I’m not ready to yeet it into the glasslands the way Netflix did my beloved but troubled Cowboy Bebop.

There were just so many good, well-executed concepts swirling around in slipspace just waiting for the right Shaw-Fujikawa engine to get them where they need to be.

Pablo Schreiber was a good Master Chief. He made some weird decisions (or rather, the writers made some weird decisions for him) but, overall, he struck the correct tone as John-117. He’s got the gravitas of a natural leader and a competent soldier. He’s also stoic but not too serious. If anything, he might have been a little too staid and could have used some more one-liners to lighten him up to the appropriate Master Chief level. Remember the crack in Halo 2 about giving the Covenant back their bomb? More of that, please.

But competent as Schreiber was,…

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