What will hopefully make it to production EVs is the Star Concept’s interior. One of the advantages of electrification — and, Lincoln points out, its own platform specifically — is greater flexibility in how cabin space is used, not to mention a roomier interior altogether. For this concept SUV EV, it has used that for two super-luxurious rows.

Both rows get individual lounge seats, with leg rests and extended recline. There’s a focus on individual storage, too, helping keep the cabin tidy: that includes places for electronic devices like phones and tablets, and comfort items such as slippers. A refrigerator sits between the back seats.

A full-width, curved display spans the dashboard, and there’s a center console display which leads to the second row screens. The instrumentation is on a floating, wing-shaped instrument panel. Lincoln is envisaging non-traditional — and more sustainable — materials featuring, too, replacing the usual leather and chrome. There’s also the use of new manufacturing techniques, like 3D metal printing for the A-pillar and D-pillar latticing.

Finally, there’s the Lincoln Attaché, a “digital briefcase” which integrates into the rear coach door. It can be used to store and charge phones, tablets, and laptops, Lincoln says, leaving passengers to focus instead on the three “rejuvenation moods” — Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill – which combine cabin lighting patterns,…

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