It seems like Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to the system that lets Windows 11 run Android apps: on Friday, the company announced an update that upgrades the version of Android running on your computer and helps make the apps feel more at home running on a PC. The Windows Subsystem for Android update is currently only available to test for Windows Insiders, but that’s probably a good thing for reasons we’ll touch on in just a moment.

The headlining improvement is an update to the version of Android that underpins Windows’ ability to run mobile apps. The current public release seems to be using Android 11 (based on some prodding I did using developer tools), but the version that Microsoft is testing is running Android 12.1, aka Android 12L. What that effectively means is that, if you’ve got anything other than a recent Pixel, your computer may be running a newer version of Android than your phone.

The update also brings improvements to how Android apps integrate with Windows. Pop-up messages from apps may show up as Windows notifications now, and the taskbar will be able to show if an Android app is accessing your microphone or location. The company also says that Android apps should behave better after you wake your computer up from standby. Instead of restarting, they should just resume from where they left off.

Microsoft also says it’s completely redesigned the settings app that…

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