Two months ago, my best friend stayed with me and watched all of Emily in Paris on my Netflix account. I have spent the time since flitting past worthless recommendation after worthless recommendation because, while I enjoy a frothy dramedy, my taste is different than hers and Netflix has failed to grasp that.

A “forget what you just saw” button on Netflix would fix this. But when you’re using the Netflix app on your phone, tablet, set-top box, TV, or even, if that’s a thing you do, your Facebook Portal, there is no button to forget what you have seen. There is just the ruin of your recommendations after a friend visits or your kid goes on a Cocomelon binge.

But, as this tweet pointed out, there is actually a Forget button. Well okay, not a button. You can’t make Netflix forget as much as hide what you have seen.

But doing it isn’t easy. First, you have to be looking at Netflix on a browser. Then you have to go to Accounts, which gives you access to a lot more menus and settings than it does in any of the Netflix apps. Then you have to choose the profile you want to hide your shame watches in and go to Profile & Parental Controls. Then you have to open up Viewing Activity. Only then can you find the forget button, which is actually a “hide icon” that sits next to the content you’re seeking to Men in Black flash from your profile.

If there’s just something you started watching and want kicked out of your “Continue Watching” queue, there’s an…

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