A few years ago, YouTube added Live Redirects as a way for creators to hold livestreams that ended by pointing viewers to another video on their own channel for premiere events, like BTS engaging fans before showing off a new music video. Now it has adjusted Live Redirects so that live streamers on the service can bounce their audience to another livestream when they go offline. A premiere launch event for the film Top Gun: Maverick on Wednesday will be one of the first big events to take advantage of the new addition.

On Twitch, this behavior is called a raid. On one hand, it’s a good way to help grow audiences and find new content, but it has also been a conduit for harassment on the platform as “hate raids” would target marginalized streamers with abuse from hundreds of accounts at a time.

YouTube Live Redirect example flow

YouTube Live Redirect example flow
Image: YouTube Support

YouTube clearly took note of the issues Twitch has struggled to contain and is launching Live Redirects with settings that could make bot-fueled…

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