Swedish inventor and YouTuber Simone Giertz (aka the “queen of shitty robots”) has revealed her latest creation: a website named after the way her last name is pronounced, “Yetch.” Giertz’s roster of inventions includes things like a toothbrushing helmet and a gnarly vegetable chopping machine. While the website doesn’t feature the “Truckla,” a Tesla Model 3 that Giertz transformed into a pickup truck, or a Lego-built photo booth for cute puppy photos, it does feature some practical accessories and items.

While an all-white puzzle can sound like a pain, this one can be a funny pain for those who lose their puzzle pieces. Yetch’s “Incomplete White Puzzle” consists of 499 pieces out of a 500-piece puzzle, and since it is intentional, it will still cost you the full price of $38. The puzzle is described by Giertz as the “world’s worst jigsaw puzzle” in her latest YouTube video and took her a whopping 19 hours to complete.

Incomplete White Puzzle
Image: Yetch

Giertz’s “Every Day Goal Calendar” is an actual calendar, but the cool part here is that every day in the calendar is back-lit with an individual LED light to help you keep track of whatever goal you set. The calendar is available for $365 — a fitting price. The “Every Day Calendar” was a part of her first Kickstarter back in 2018, which Giertz used…

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